Space Coast Plating Services


Billet aluminum plates the best. Cast aluminum by nature is very porous and has a great deal of pitting. Chrome plating will not cover pitting. If you have a cast aluminum part that is pitted and requires a show quality finish, let us know before processing your order. We cannot make the parts perfect! Using our process of acid copper plating and hand polishing we can remove most of the pitting, however depending upon the casting of the part it may not be possible to remove all the pitting. You will be notified if your cast part will not be free of pits.


Aluminum intakes are cast aluminum and will have some pitting. The pitting is in the part, not the plating. If your intake is severely pitted we will notify you before plating. New intakes plate the best Yes, we can plate your used intake, but extremely old intakes that have many miles tend to absorb oil and gas into the pan which results in pitting. INSTALLATION of your intake will require that washers be used under the intake bolts.


Brass plates very well. We also repair holes, cracks and dents on brass parts.


Aluminum–if you prefer the polished look on your parts rather than chrome plating we can custom polish your parts 100% Also stainless steel, we offer straightening and repair, removal of dents and dings on trim, hubcaps. We also polish brass and copper parts.


Due to the chemical makeup and natural deterioration of this type of material it requires a great deal of work and time to restore. We can repair cracks and dents. In cases of severely deteriorated parts, sometimes it is possible to fill pits, however, parts with body lines and grooves are very hard to repair and make pit free. We grind out the pits that we can and build the part back using acid copper. This is the most difficult metal to refinish and experienced personnel only handle your parts. All pieces go through an acid copper plate and buffing process. This takes a great deal of time and is very labor intensive but results in the best possible finish. Sometimes parts may be too deteriorated to restore to Show Quality condition. You will be notified in such a case. We reserve the right to refuse orders that will not be satisfactory to us.


We plate all types of steel. The final finish on a steel part is related to the age, condition and type of steel the part is made of. Old, rusted, pitted, deteriorated steel can be restored if there is enough metal left to work with. Sometimes the actual condition of the part cannot be known until the part is stripped. We do NOT claim to make the parts perfect! We can repair holes, cracks and some dents in steel parts. Cast steel parts are hard and extremely rough and may not polish out and plate to a Show Quality finish. You will be notified if your steel part is in a condition that will not result in a proper finish. New parts generally turn out the best.


In shop time varies upon size and type of job. All jobs are completed in the order they are received. Restoration of pot metal and jobs requiring repair work and a show quality finish take a great deal of work and time to complete, PLAN AHEAD, don’t wait until the last minute to do your chrome work. Large jobs take time to complete. Please don’t wait till your car is painted and you are wanting to enter a show to decide to do your chrome parts. Rushing us to complete your order will result in a lower quality than could be given with the proper amount of time needed to complete your order. You will be given an ESTIMATED TIME to complete your order. (We strive to do a quality job rather than meet a deadline!)


All items MUST BE TAKEN APART 100%. We are players not mechanics. Please clean grease, oil, and caulking off the parts. If you are not an experienced buffer please DO NOT GRIND OR SANDBLAST YOUR PARTS, this could damage your parts and decrease the quality. This will save you money. Occasionally when we strip and clean a part, we find cracks and dents that you may not have noticed. we will notify you immediately.


Minimum Order Charge is $40.00.

The type of material, condition and detail of the parts are considered when quoting your parts to bring them to a Show Quality Finish to the best of our ability. We cannot make your parts perfect! THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN GIVE YOU AN EXACT QUOTE OVER THE TELEPHONE! We will contact you with a price before starting on the job to get your approval.


1. Be sure to package your parts properly. Use a sturdy box. Package small parts in bags. Use at least 4 inches of newspaper to protect your parts from damage that may. occur during shipping. 2. Please print a packing list for your box. Number your pans on the packing list and count the pieces. Be specific on what and which side you want polished and which parts get chrome or polished only. 3. Be sure to include your name, street address (Use a street address, UPS will not ship to a post office box) zip code, and telephone number (WE MUST HAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO TRACK YOUR JOB) where you can be reached during the day. 4. Insure each package for replacement costs in the event any pieces are damaged during shipment. 5. We ship UPS ground COD for cash unless other arrangements have been made. There will be an additional charge for packaging, insurance and freight on return shipment of your job. SEND NO MONEY with your order! If you want your order returned differently than specified above please advise us.


Unlike factory production plating we plate your parts with the highest quality plating available. The result is a deep high luster, show quality finish. Use the following guide to care for your new chrome parts. CHROME: Use only a good non-abrasive chrome polish (a good carnauba paste wax is best). Keep your parts clean, deterioration begins with dirty parts. REINSTALLATION: We plate your parts with a great deal of plating which is much thicker than factory production plating. Most problems begin around bolt and screw holes. Always use washers under bolts screws. Be careful not to over tighten which can cause cracking around the hole. We will not be responsible for improper installation using bolts and screws.


We recommend you polish your polished only parts often, using a polish such as a good  Wax, use  or  to clean your polished parts only when necessary.


COPPER, NICKEL, CHROME Parts are refinished to the best of our ability to a Show Quality Finish, we cannot make the parts perfect! Plating is guaranteed to be free from defective workmanship to the original purchaser. Under this warranty the part will be reprocessed, at our option, without charge for the plating. The part must be returned to us with a copy of the original invoice. This warranty does not apply to plating that has been mis-used or abused. There is no warranty on any pot metal parts that pitted or blistered after plating. The warranty covers a period of one (1) year from the date the part was originally processed, not from the date installed (an additional 1 year prorated warranty on all plated aluminum parts). We pay no disassembly and/or assembly costs. This is a one year (1year) limited warranty, No other warranty is either expressed or implied.