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Chrome Pricing WE CANNOT GIVE YOU AN EXACT PRICE OVER THE PHONE OR INTERNET. We will give an ESTIMATED price based off of your description or pictures you email us, HOWEVER, that price is not confirmed until the parts are presented to us to inspect first. Occasionally, the part that comes in is not what we were expecting and it will be priced accordingly at that time. We strive to give accurate prices but occasionally find a part that is too far gone to plate to the level of quality we desire. We reserve the right to turn down such jobs and never make promises to you we cannot keep.

Don’t be tricked by those offering their services for less..."


- Aldo Gucci

Each part is priced individually and determined by type of material, condition, size and detail…Feel free to contact us with any questions but keep in mind: THERE IS NO WAY TO GIVE AN EXACT QUOTE OVER THE PHONE OR EMAIL..! Once your job is received, you will be contacted by phone or email, with the estimate. ALL JOBS REQUIRE A 50% DEPOSIT BEFORE STARTING. You may either send in the deposit or pay in full including return shipping. If paid a deposit, the job will be shipping back UPS COD for the remaining balance. UPS will collect a money order or check made out to Spacecoast Plating upon delivery. Each job has a hazardous materials and chemical surcharge sales tax. Businesses may provide an up to date resale certificate to remove sales tax. WE ARE CASH OR CHECK ONLY….NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS PLEASE!!

Price Quotes

Before we give you a price quote on any parts shipped to us we fully inspect the part and then call you with a quote before we begin to do any work on it. If we find at any time during the process that the part will require more work than was apparent, or it will not be pit free, we will notify you. Occasionally we receive parts that are just too far gone to plate to the level of quality we desire and in these cases we will simply have to turn the job down. We will never make promises to you our plating can't keep.