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About Spacecoast Plating

About Space Coast Plating About Space Coast Plating
About Space Coast Plating

About Spacecost Plating

Spacecoast Plating offers the highest quality copper, nickel and chrome plating available today. Every part is polished and plated as if it were going on our own personal car. We take pride in all our work and understand the pride Classic Car owners have in their automobiles.

We may not be the largest or the fastest, but that was never our goal. Our turnaround time for your polished or plated parts is approximately 20-30 working days for small jobs depending on the quality of your parts. Large jobs, as in everything on the car can average 2-3 months, so please plan ahead. We strive to do a quality job rather than meet a deadline!

All parts are individually priced according to their condition when presented to our shop for processing.

Business accounts please provide us with a copy of the following documents, your Yellow Pages Business Ad or a copy of your Business License, business card and a State Sales Tax Blanket Certificate of Resale Card.


SpaceCoast Plating is a premier chrome plating service in Melbourne, Florida serving the Space Coast area and the entire United States. We are proud to provide our customers with what we feel is the highest quality copper, nickel and chrome plating work available in the Melbourne and Space Coast area or nationally. We can gladly provide the same quality plating service to customers anywhere in the U.S. or the world that ship their parts to us.

At SpaceCoast Plating we know how passionate custom motorcycle and classic car owners are about their restorations and how much pride they take in them. We know this because we are owners too and we put that same passion and pride into every plating job we get, no matter how big or small. We treat everybody's plating project as if it were our own and we always put quality first, on every job we do.

The quality of a perfectly finished chrome and plating job, is what gives any vehicle customization or restoration the “WOW” factor. A great plating job and you have a piece of art, a bad plating job will eventually show it flaws and completely ruin the overall quality and look of all the other hard, expensive, quality work you put into your project. When it comes time to have your parts plated for any project, don't take chances, take them to the company that puts doing a quality job first.

Services We Offer

Here is a brief overview of the plating services we offer for custom and show cars, custom and stock motorcycles and choppers, boat parts and even airplane parts.

Copper, Nickel and Chrome Plating – We Triple Plate Your Parts

We polish, repair, sand and work on your parts until the metal is in as perfect a condition as we can possibly get it, then we can move on to the final step of chrome plating them. During this process the parts are copper plated then polished and worked, then they are nickel plated and polished and worked and finally they are chrome plated and polished. This means we have triple plated your parts in copper, nickel and then finally chrome until we could deliver you a “Show Quality Finish” on the parts for your vehicle.

We can plate a variety of different metals and types of parts, here is a list of the most common types of metal.

  • Aluminum Plating
  • Brass Plating
  • Pot Metal Plating
  • Die Cast Plating
  • White Metal Plating
  • Steel Plating

Types of Parts We Plate

Here's just a brief list of the most common types of parts we get. We can plate almost any part you need plated.

  • Aluminum Intakes
  • Motorcycles Parts
  • Bumpers
  • Interior Trim Pieces
  • Exterior Trim Pieces
  • Engine Parts and Trim
  • Exhaust Parts and Trim

Custom Polishing and Metal Repair

We can custom polish your parts 100% on aluminum and stainless steel as well as brass and copper parts. We also offer metal straightening and repair and dent and ding and scratch removal on trim, hubcaps and any other parts.

Please check our Services page for a complete look at all of our services to get more information about the process for plating different types of metals and for information on different parts.

A “Show Quality Finish”

We have been plating vehicle and metal parts of all kinds for many years now and we are extremely good at it and very proud of all our work. Please visit our Photo Gallery to see the final results, of just some of our quality plating jobs on custom cars and motorcycles. When looking for a plating service for vehicle parts, you probably noticed that a lot of plating companies provide various levels of plating quality and set their pricing accordingly. Of course that's fine and there's nothing wrong with that, but we don't work that way.

Our goal is to make sure that every part we plate has the highest quality, best looking finish we can possibly give it. We don't offer different levels of plating quality, because we work until we put a “Show Quality Finish” on every part we plate. We take our time and approach every job with great care. Every part is different and has it own story as far as what needs to be done to it in order to create a beautiful finished plated piece. Some parts take longer to prepare for plating and get the quality finish we are going for. You can expect an average of a month to three months time for every plating job, depending on the amount of preparation needed.

The bottom line is that not all parts are equal, especially when it comes to plating to a show quality finish. As you can see from looking at your parts, some are in better shape than others and some will require more work than others to plate properly. So, each part you send us, based on its condition, may us may take a different length of time to complete. Please check out our Services pages to find out more about what we can do for you, what you can expect on different types of parts and how to prepare your parts to ship to us.

Price Quotes

Before we give you a price quote on any parts shipped to us we fully inspect the part and then call you with a quote before we begin to do any work on it. If we find at any time during the process that the part will require more work than was apparent, or it will not be pit free, we will notify you. Occasionally we receive parts that are just too far gone to plate to the level of quality we desire and in these cases we will simply have to turn the job down. We will never make promises to you our plating can't keep.

However, we can promise you that we will always work and do our utmost to restore each part that we get to a “Show Quality Finish” and provide a plating service and final piece we can all be proud of.

Please give us call or come by SpaceCoast Plating in Melbourne today to discuss your project or your plating needs with us. SpaceCoast Plating in Melbourne, where your job will always be treated like it was our own.